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Sales Support Services

VOLANS sales support services help businesses amplify their marketing efforts with proven pre-sales efforts like cold calling, lead generation, appointment setting, telemarketing and tele-sales support. Our sales support services act in tandem with ongoing marketing and sales efforts of organizations, helping them reach out to prospective customers directly with our effective suite of contact center services. Our sales support services have helped both B2B and B2C brands reach out to new customers and increase their topline and bottomline growth significantly.


Consumer attentions spans are getting shorter in the digital world. For brands, there is a constant challenge of standing out in a highly crowded and competitive market. Marketing and sales efforts therefore have to be driven concurrently to achieve desired business goals. Pre-sales efforts help businesses identify customer pain-points and provide them with plausible solutions. Activities such as telemarketing and lead generation calls help establish a connect between a brand and a prospective customer. Effort such as cold calling help discover new customers and position a brand in the mind of the customer.


VOLANS with its team of experience sales support executives help create an interest amongst prospective customers for client products and services which makes it easier for sales teams to conclude a sale. Our teams develop a solid understanding of customer requirements by interacting with them and position our clients products and services effectively as a plausible solution. This paves the way for an easier sales effort by client teams in closing a sale.


Product knowledge is key to success of pre-sales efforts. To ensure our agents are able to provide the right information about our client products and services, we provide them with regular trainings before they go live on a lead generation, cold calling or telemarketing campaign. This helps us generate a higher number of leads for our client sales campaigns.


As a leading Business Process Management services provider to clients across domestic and international markets, we have a multi-lingual team of sales support executives supported by state of-the-art infrastructure and advanced technology tools.  Partnering us can help businesses achieve higher sales and increased profitability for their varied products and services.


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