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A strategic telemarketing approach is a key to the success of a marketing or sales campaign. Although organizations have started adopting the digital medium as a key element for their various marketing and sales efforts in the past few years, they have realized that even a highly effective digital marketing campaign is not enough to drive sales. While it can create the necessary awareness and get customers to visit your website, a follow-up call is essential to convert the website visitor into a client. 

Why does one need to Outsource telemarketing services?

Telemarketing is a potent tool to reach out to prospects and explaining them your products and services. It still remains one of the most popular and effective brand awareness, lead generation, and sales channels.


Telemarketing using a human voice increases the chances of a prospect converting into a customer manifold. A human voice can identify the needs of an individual customer better and offer a customized solution to address their requirements.


A click on your digital email or a form-sign on your website by a visitor is just the beginning of a long customer journey process before he signs up as a client. Such actions only indicate that the visitor is interested to know more about your products and services and he is interested in knowing further how your solutions can help him address his specific requirements. It does not guarantee a purchase. A follow-up telemarketing call can help address the specific needs of the customer, explain the benefits of your products and services, and make an immediate sale to the prospect.

What makes us best telemarketing services provider in India?

VOLANS telemarketing services provider in India offers high-impact telemarketing services that can help organizations promote or sell their products and services to prospective customers over a call. We have helped several leading business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) brands achieve significant topline and bottom-line growth using telemarketing as an effective channel. Our telemarketing services are ideally suited for:

At VOLANS, we have mastered the art of using telemarketing as a strategic tool to drive the business growth of our customers. Our expertise in contact center management services helps us not just create awareness for your products but also acquire leads and drive sales using telemarketing. 


Various leading industries have increased their sales by partnering with us for their telemarketing campaigns are:

Reaching out to the right set of audiences is a key element for achieving high success rates for telemarketing campaigns. We help businesses in their efforts to create the right database or use an existing client database to cross-sell and up-sell their new products or services. Our telemarketing services use dedicated phone numbers for each individual brand to create individual brand identities for each of our customer brands.


Need a trusted third-party telemarketing services provider in India to boost your sales revenue? Call us today to understand how we can help you achieve that. Fill in our contact form and one of our sales representatives will get in touch with you soon. Volans is one of the top telemarketing companies in India.

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