Appointment Setting Services

Appointment Setting

VOLANS appointment setting services assist organizations in scheduling meetings with senior decision makers and C-suite executives by using a wide range of traditional and new age digital tools.  Our appointment setting services can help your sales teams to focus on core deliverables like sales pitching and sales closure while we set-up personalized meetings for them with prospects using cold calling and other techniques.


Personalized meetings with decision makers is key to drive sales closures. Nothing can replace the effectiveness of a face-to-face meeting with a prospective client. It provides your sales team ready opportunity to explain how your products and services can help the client address their business challenges. It also provides them a fair chance to explain the edge your products and services have over competitors, including its benefits.


Every sales deal begins with the process of prospecting. It is a time consuming process which involves cold calling hundreds of prospective clients and creating awareness about your products and services.  Engaging your sales teams in making hundreds of cold calls to set up meetings will result in significant loss of man-hours with little or no tangible result. As such, it is ideal for organization to outsource their appointment setting services to a third party like VOLANS. It will help your internal sales teams focus on sales closures rather than setting up appointments. It will also help you get a higher number of face-to-face interactions in a shorter time frame.


As a leading player in contact center management services, with years of experience in the domain, we at VOLANS have developed a successful framework for delivering impactful appointment setting services for various business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) clients. Our team of professionals act as an extension of your in-house sales team and present your organization products and services in a positive manner amongst your prospects. We ensure this by organizing rigorous training programs on your products and services, the benefits they offer, your organization brand identity, brand value and after sales support. Such efforts help our agents create a favorable impression about your products and services before the actual face-to-face meeting happens. This can help immensely in closure of deals and drive healthy business growth.


Our Appointment Setting Services Include


Tele Appointment Setting Services – The most effective means to set up meetings with prospective clients. A telephone call with a human voice builds trust and confidence about your products and services. It also provides an opportunity for the caller to give a brief introduction about your products and services and generate curiosity in the mind of the prospect.


Email Appointment Setting Services – Our agents are very well trained to draft compelling emails that generate customer interest and respond positively to appointment requests. With our email appointment setting services, you can reach out to a large audience faster.


Web Enabled Appointment Setting Services – If executed well, webinars and video calls can be a very potent tool for product and service demos and create awareness amongst target customer groups. We have helped several organizations generate high quality leads using various web enabled tools to set up meetings with senior executives and decision makers and close high value deals .


If your business is losing out on big deals or higher sales conversions due to inability to connect with the right decision makers, connect with us today. We will help set up personal meetings for your sales teams members with the right decision makers, with our proven appointment setting services. Call us or fill in the query form to get in touch with us today.


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