VOLANS realizes the importance of an efficient business partner to aid the healthcare sector in achieving its humanitarian efforts. The Covid 19 pandemic highlighted the importance of technology and digital tools to aid healthcare providers in reaching out to the needy in crucial times and provide both pro-active and reactive support. With a population of 8 billion worldwide that is growing with each passing year, the healthcare sector is faced with a gargantuan task to reach every individual across the world.

VOLANS with its suite of Business Process Management solutions for the healthcare sector makes it possible for healthcare providers to focus on its core patient care services while we efficiently manage their day-to-day back-office operations. Partnering us can help healthcare providers become more efficient and effective in their regular operations. 

In the past, we have helped many clients improve patient experience, control costs, and give a boost to their financial performance. In fact, our expertise with backend tasks has yielded great insights, which has enabled healthcare providers to improve their service delivery.  

We also realize that the healthcare sector has seen a lot of technological changes in the last decade. Until a few years ago, face-to-face interaction with a doctor was the only way people knew to get a healthcare service. But, today, many patients prefer speaking to their doctor over a phone or a video call. 

Moreover, the sudden onset of COVID-19 induced pandemic caught the entire medical fraternity and healthcare industry by surprise and shock and it has since made it imperative for the hospitals and other healthcare providers to modernize using technology on a war footing. This pandemic has also awakened the realization to augment and reinforce the industry with better solutions and services in the future eventuality of a similar kind.

The global pandemic is putting massive pressure on healthcare systems and frontline healthcare professionals worldwide. The medical supply chains are under tremendous pressure. In such a situation, the healthcare sector has to ensure that its backend operations are extremely well managed. 

This is where VOLANS steps in. We enable healthcare providers to modernize with the help of the latest tech-tools, know-how, and domain expertise.

We help our clients get accustomed to new challenges while focusing on patients and improving their business. Our BPO services and solutions, supported by tech and analytics, enable organizations to drive growth, innovation, and remote care.

From case management and utilization management to processes and claims, we deliver wide-ranging healthcare solutions. Our expertise translates into excellent outcomes across operation management, provider management, medical management, medical bill reviews, claims intake, among others. Our comprehensive services help plot a course to deal with the challenges faced by our clients.

Why Us

Domain Expertise

We possess proven expertise in managing client processes in our chosen industry domains.

Flexible Service Offerings

We offer standard as well as customized process solutions as per client’s business need.

Omni-Channel Expertise

We improve customer satisfaction scores and enhance brand equity for our client businesses.

Intelligent Data Insights

We improve client processes with data driven operations management.

Measurable Business Impact

We re-engineer client processes for improved productivity and profitability.

Professional Teams

Our teams comprise seasoned customer service specialists, engineers, MBAs amongst others.