Top BPO Company in India, How It Increase Your Growth?

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Aug 9, 2022

BPO has proved its importance all across the globe. There are numerous BPO companies working for various industries and offering them the required services. India has also scored a well-deserving position in offering BPO services on the global platform. As per the record, more than 81% of American companies prefer India for choosing outsourcing services. BPO service providers in India have adapted to the latest trends within the industry and have evolved.

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Benefits of Choosing BPO service providers from India

bpo services provider company in india
BPO services provider company in India

Domestic as well as international companies prefer India for outsourcing BPO services. It is due to the following reason:

  • When outsourcing from India the companies receive creative, innovative as well as and intelligent solutions within the services. India is the hub of talent and also has the biggest pool of trained IT professionals working in different industries. BPO company in India also has the well-established telecom infrastructure
  • Money is one of the major reasons that support the need for outsourcing BPO Services. India fits the best when it comes to adjusting the budget. It is proven to be the most cost-effective for the companies who outsource the services. Labor cost is also low which directly impacts the ROI by increasing the same.
  • Another basic yet significant reason why India is preferable for outsourcing is communication. Indian top BPO service providers offer an effective way of communication that can help in executing the plans or strategies in a better way. Indians are known for speaking English way better than other Asian countries.
  •  BPO service provider in India heavily focuses on the latest technologies and infrastructure. The importance of these components is understood by the companies. They can easily avail themselves of well-trained experts empowered with the best technologies.
  • Round-the-clock customer support with enhanced productivity is offered by the BPO companies in India. 100% of customer satisfaction in spite of the time zone difference helps the businesses to grow.
  • Outsourcing in India is also favored because of the friendly policies. Outsourcing policies here are flexible that encourages overseas companies or agency to outsource the services for their business to India. The company gets to enjoy a hassle-free way of services here.

Services offered by BPO companies in India

Any company can work smoothly by managing two phases of its business. The first one is the core business that they have and the second is the non-core activities. Both of these have to be balanced, only then the growth of any company can be anticipated. Business process outsourcing is the way that helps in managing the non-core business services so that the companies can focus on the core activities.

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Following are the services offered by the best BPO service providers in India:

Technical support services

First on this list comes the technical support service which is required almost within every industry sector. This service can be delivered via multiple communication channels such as phone calls, email, chat, or by offering specific software. Customers often require technical support for product support, troubleshooting, installation, and much more. Indian outsourcing is renowned for offering technical support inclusive of software problem resolution, internet infrastructure, and many others.

Customer support services 

Another on the list comes one of the most significant services that stands as the non-core activity but is one of the strengthening pillars for any company. Top BPO companies in India offer 24*7 customer service for companies working in various industries. No company can stand a day in the market without approaching the best customer service functions. An effective, as well as active customer support service, is required in order to assure customer satisfaction. It is outsourcing that helps companies with the professionals having the best communication skills to interact with the customers.

 Telemarketing services

As per the survey, it is considered that 40% of the global BPO market is been taken by India. Telemarketing is one of the most traditional ways through which companies promote their products and services. It has evolved with the latest technologies, which is why outsourcing is considered for this marketing service. The telemarketing services include appointment setting, database selling, generating quality leads, B2B-B2C cold calling, product promotion, and much more.

IT help desk service

Technical services do include elements from IT services but IT services hold an entirely different lane of requirements. Customers need the best quality troubleshooting services from the company’s end. It is the BPO service provider that offers quality support for various technical problems. These services include office productivity tools support, system problem resolution, and much more.

Insurance processing service

The insurance industry has come a long way and has evolved in every aspect. Business process outsourcing has improvised the services within the insurance companies and has minimized the stress by offering to support back-office operations. The insurance company can easily facilitate different processes for their customer by maintaining the foundation of growth and profit. Insurance services that are outsourced include policy management, claims processing, business acquisition, and promotion.

Data processing and data entry

Companies prefer choosing BPO companies in India for outsourcing data entry services. The outsourced force can easily gain control over applications with their skilled experts. Data holds valuable information for any business. Data needs to be generated with relevancy and then stored as per the requirement for further use. Various categories are required for sorting the data such as trends, analysis, data process, and much more.

Thinking to outsource- choose Volans Infomatics!

India has evolved itself in terms of technology, and business process outsourcing is the industry that has seen remarkable growth here. There are numerous agencies ready to offer the companies the services as per their requirement. But not any random agency can be trusted, as this decision will impact the growth of the business.

The decision of choosing a BPO service provider from India should end up with the best on the list. Voland Infomatic can be your choice if perfection is to be achieved. We have been serving different companies from different industries. The team includes skilled professionals who have experience and understanding of these services. The latest tools and technologies are offered to professionals to empower their work and enhance the quality of the result.

Choosing Volans will let you focus on the core business and enjoy the growth of your business. With us you can bag perks like:

  • Save time
  • Cost-effective
  • Best quality work
  • 24*7 availability, and much more

So why wait and jeopardize the business growth, join us today. To learn more about our services, click at:

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Top BPO Company in India, How Does It Increase Your Growth?

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