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The growth of social media and their increased proliferation across the globe has led to a paradigm shift in customer expectations. Consumers no longer are content with a single toll-free helpline number to reach out to brands for their queries and complaints. New age customers want to interact with brands across channels with social media being the most popular amongst them as it provides them with an easy-to-access and free platform.

How vital it is to avail social media support services?

Social media platforms empower customers. It gives them the opportunity to either advocate a brand or tarnish its reputation. This characteristic of social media can be a strength as well as a weakness for brands. Brands that provide active social media support to their customers by responding promptly to customer queries and complaints can benefit immensely from social media platforms. On the other hand, brands that do not provide support to their customers on such platforms will tend to lose out to the competition.

Why are we best for you?

VOLANS social media support services support brands in developing social media channels as an effective channel for providing customer support. We combine our expertise in customer support and technology to provide our client’s end customers with a smooth omni-channel customer support experience, that drives high customer loyalty and engagement across various social media platforms. Our team of agents remains active 24 x 7, 365 days a year across channels to ensure every customer query or complaint is immediately resolved. This, in turn, leads to high customer stickiness and business for our clients.


We have experience in providing prompt social media support across all leading social media platforms :

And interest-based networks like:

And forums like:

VOLANS helps organizations use social media as an effective platform for customer engagement. Our social media support services help both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) brands resolve their customer queries faster and achieve high customer satisfaction scores. This in turn helps businesses achieve customer loyalty and repeat business from existing customers resulting in higher sales and profits.

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