Data Digitization Services

Data Digitization Services

Organizations that existed before the advent of the internet relied primarily on physical paper files to store their text-based data. For images, audio, and video files organizations relied on analog tapes and compact discs to store their data. This data was stored in secured store rooms, carefully archived, for use as necessary. To access this data, one had to use physical copies which was a time-consuming and cumbersome process. But now the entire process has changed with the data digitization services. 

Why are data digitization services required?

The advent of the digital revolution changed the business needs of organizations. Data could no longer be archived physically. Organizations needed access to data anytime, anywhere. A salesperson sitting in India of a global multi-national firm could no longer wait for days for a file to arrive from the company headquarters in the US to receive information about a client’s past history. 


The data had to be available, right then, right there. Failure to offer such information to the sales team could result in a significant loss of business, putting the future of an organization at risk. As such, organizations across industries have adopted the digitization of old data records in structured databases as a key requirement for business success.


The need for data digitization is not just limited to legacy data. Organizations today generate tremendous volumes of data on a regular basis. While, the adoption of technology has made it possible for organizations to digitize data at the point of generation, for many functions such a facility is not possible. 


This could include survey forms in public, sales documents, government documents, stamp papers, taxation documents, and legal documents amongst others. Such documents in physical form are generated by different functions of an organization on a daily basis and need to be digitized on a going concern basis, to ensure their protection and ease of availability. 

How Volans will be best for availing data digitization service?

VOLANS helps organizations convert their data stored in physical file formats to digital formats in an efficient and economical manner. We have helped several global corporations and mid-sized companies retrieve valuable historical information stored in physical formats by digitizing their store records and files. 


Based on the client’s business requirements we have the expertise to convert all kinds of physical documents –

and many more into easy-to-use digital formats such as:

Advantages we offer:

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Our Data Digitization Services

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