Finance and Accounting Services Outsourcing

Finance & Accounting Services

The traditional finance and accounting service is comprised of standard practices like :

Most of these finance & accounting services were carried out by in-house teams that worked on physical files or traditional accounting software to maintain the account books.

Why are Finance and Account Services Outsourcing required?

The advent of the internet, digital businesses, and increased globalization in the last two decades completely redefined the role of traditional finance and accounting functions. Organizations realized that they could no longer keep their finance teams involved in regular manual tasks but needed them to perform more strategic business functions to ensure business continuity and continue the business growth momentum. 


Second, with organizations achieving massive scale across geographies, it was impossible to continuously hire new resources to match the business scale. It was highly cost-intensive to hire and train new financial resources to match the business requirements every quarter. Third, the internet and technology provided them an opportunity to outsource financial accounting service providers.

Finance and accounting outsourcing to a third-party BPO helped organizations achieve several strategic imperatives. 

Best Finance and Accounting Services provider?

VOLANS provides outsourced finance and accounting (F&A) services for traditional transactional F&A processes like:

To clients that are looking to finance and accounting outsourcing to a third-party finance & accounting service providers in India, while they focus on value addition in their core business processes, we also offer premium higher-value services like :

VOLANS helps organizations operate efficiently with its industry-leading outsourced finance & accounting services. Our services help organizations reduce their operational costs significantly without compromising on their finance & accounting activities. We streamline client processes and ensure timely invoicing, bill collection, monthly consolidation, and reports to deliver maximum value to our clients and their end customers.

Partnering with us provides organizations access to a global team of highly talented accounting professionals across multiple locations in India, the Philippines, the US, and Canada and the team includes:

We use leading finance and accounting software and applications to ensure our clients have access to the most advanced technology tools. This ensures limited room for human clerical errors of critical financial numbers and data of our clients.


If you are looking for a reliable third-party finance and accounting service provider in India to manage your accounts and financial processes, your search ends with VOLANS. As an F&A partner for some of the most reputed organizations, we are confident in our expertise in this domain. Call or write to us today for a detailed discussion about your business.

Our Finance & Accounting Services

General Book Keeping

Accounts Ledger

Account Reconciliations

Customer Billing

Customer Refunds

Financial Reporting

Tax Planning & Filing

Order to Cash

Payroll Administration


Expense Management

Vendor Invoicing

Vendor Payment Processing

Miscellaneous Employee Expenses Management

Employee Travel Expense


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