Omni – Channel Customer Support Services

Omnichannel Customer Support Services

The advent of digital has redefined traditional customer support models and methodologies. The erstwhile model of a single toll-free helpline number can no longer fulfill the expectations of a new-age customer. The new-age millennial and Gen Z customers expect support across various channels. They want to be given the right to exercise their own choice and select the preferred channel to interact with brands.


As such, it becomes imperative for organizations to be present across both traditional and new-age digital platforms to meet their customer expectations. Ignoring this can result in reduced business as your competitors might be offering a similar experience to their customers.

Why are omni-channel customer support services required?

Several organizations consider such risks to be associated only with Business Consumer (B2C) brands. However, with an increasing number of people sharing their experiences with a brand on social media and consumer forums, the same holds true for Business to Business (B2B) brands as well. Failure of a B2B services provider to provide instant customer support during a breakdown or emergencies can severely dent client confidence and result in the severance of contracts and service agreements.  

What makes us best for you?

As a leading customer support services provider, VOLANS understands the challenges of managing customer expectations in current times. We have developed a multi-channel customer support services framework for our clients that can help them offer a seamless experience to their end customers that includes both online and offline platforms. We have the technologies and tools to track and resolve customer queries, the round-the-clock across various platforms and offer meaningful resolutions.  


VOLANS offers 24×7 omni-channel support services via:

Advantages that we offer:

Speedy resolution of customer issues is critical in ensuring customer satisfaction in today’s digital world. Organizations can no longer afford to wait for long durations to resolve their customer queries as one disgruntled customer can ruin the reputation of a brand with a single negative tweet or comment on social media channels. There are several instances in recent years where one negative tweet or a post by an influencer on social media channels has wiped out millions of dollars in organization stock value. 


The customer support requirements of each client organization are unique. We are a preferred customer support services partner for leading companies in industries like:

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