Banking & Finance

pubslished on
May 17, 2021

VOLANS provides a comprehensive range of Business Process Management (BPM) services to leading clients in the Banking and Financial Services (BFS) space. Our BPO services have enabled leading global BFS entities in commercial and retail banking, investment banking, capital markets, asset management, non-banking financial institutions and brokerages gain a competitive edge in the market and enhance stakeholder value progressively.

The Banking & Financial Services sector acts as the engine of growth for every economy across the globe. It is the key to a nation’s GDP growth and welfare of its citizens. Owing to its importance in economic planning and growth, the BFS industry is highly regulated and compliance driven. Policy makers realise that a without a robust and transparent banking and financial policy regime, no economy can achieve its true potential. As such, strict norms exist for the sector both for international and domestic transactions.  


In addition to strong regulatory compliances, the BFS sector has also faced an increasing pressure of digital transformation. With a growing number of new age digital financial institutions challenging incumbent service providers with their fast rate of digital adoption, the pressure on existing market leaders is real. Digital technologies has helped improve customer experiences and speed up transactions. In a highly competitive market, BFS institutions realise that an improved customer experience is the only differentiator that can help them sustain and grow in the current business environment.


VOLANS partners banking and financial services institutions to improve their overall customer experience with cutting-edge customer support solutions. With our omni-channel service delivery approach, we deliver a seamless customer experience to end customers, improving business relationships and customer retention rates of our clients.

Working with us offers our clients access to a team of highly competent team of professionals with years of expertise in managing all kinds of banking and finance operations processes. We have helped large retail and commercial banking institutions manage their entire customer lifecycle, right from lead generation, sales closure, acquisition, collections, query resolutions and customer management. Our BFS process leaders comprise of experienced professionals from retail and consumer banking, infrastructure lending, corporate debt finance, asset management, capital markets, micro-finance amongst others.  


Banking is a capital-intensive business, and therefore, our clients have to save every buck they can on operations without letting customer service suffer. At VOLANS, we have experts with years of domain experience in the BFS sector to help our clients stay ahead of competition. With us a partner, BFS institutions can focus to invest in advanced technologies and new processes while we take care of their backend operations efficiently.