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The sale of goods and services using the telephone has been an age-old practice. Sales teams have been using this tool for decades to reach out to prospective customers, understand their requirements, explain how their products and services could address the customer pain points, negotiate prices and conclude a sale. Telephones were also widely used by the sales teams to make the first interaction with a prospective customer, develop relationships and provide a single point of contact to a prospect or customer.

Why are telesales services required?

Organizations realized that engaging their internal sales team for telesales was a highly time-consuming process.  It kept them engaged in a single channel which affected revenue generation from other sales channels. Also, hiring and training sales professionals for telesales involved significant capital investments upfront.  To address these challenges, organizations started outsourcing their telesales process to third-party service providers who could manage their processes efficiently without affecting day-to-day sales operations.


As organizations grew in size over the years with multiple products and services, they realized that telesales required a special skill set. It is a time-consuming process of calling up prospects, generating awareness about a product or service brand, engaging customers in meaningful conversations to drive interest, and closing a sale. In most events, a single sale involved multiple calls to a single prospect – from creating awareness to interest, desire to own the product and make the final sale. 

What makes us different?

VOLANS assists leading business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) brands sell their products and services directly to customers using the telephone. Our outsourced telesales services help organizations develop an assured sales channel and achieve sustainable long-term revenue growth. We deliver maximal returns on our client investments with our highly impactful telesales campaigns.


VOLANS with its extensive experience in business processes outsourcing services like lead generation, telemarketing, and customer support amongst others offers organizations a highly professional team of agents that can manage their telesales operations with high success rates. 


Our engagement models are customized to suit the requirements of each individual client to deliver maximum benefits for each of our customers.


In achieving incremental sales and revenue with our expertise in telesales operations, we have helped leading brands in:

To achieve high success in our telesales campaigns, we train our agents extensively on client products and services so that they can engage in positive and fulfilling conversations with prospects, raising the chances of higher sales conversions. To cater the clients across the globe we also hire language specialists in leading languages like:

Our agents act as an extended team of our client’s sales team and work relentlessly to provide a superior experience to customers during their interactions with us. We also use cutting-edge technology tools and CRM applications to track every customer interaction, monitor quality analyze trends to improve our operations on a regular basis and deliver optimum value to our client process.


 If you are looking for a reliable third-party BPO services provider to outsource your telesales operations, contact or write to us today. Several leading brands have benefitted from our industry-leading telesales services.

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