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Information Verification

It is no secret that accurate customer data and information are key to developing a successful business strategy. It also plays an important role in running your business operations efficiently without any disruption. Including unverified information or data to plan your strategic business goals can lead to the failure of your entire business plan. In worse cases, it can lead to a breakdown of business operations, in case the data involves regulatory compliances. 


Information verification is not just limited to onboarding customers. It plays an important role in the entire customer lifecycle process. For insurance companies that are inundated with millions of claims processing requests on a daily basis, verifying data is key to ensuring business sustainability and minimizing losses. It is not hidden that the insurance industry witnesses one of the highest rates of fraudulent financial claims in the financial sector.


 As such, the success of insurance companies depends highly on efficient information verification for all such claims. On one hand, these companies need to ensure that no fraudulent claim is processed while on the other, they need to ensure no genuine claim is rejected as it risks the reputation of their business. 

Why is it necessary to hire services for Information Verification?

Most companies realize that the growth of digital technology in our lives has amplified the need for reliable information verification services. Customers today are interacting with organizations using a wide range of channels that include:

Not every customer expressing an interest to subscribe for a credit card, opening a bank account, applying for a loan, or making an online purchase is genuine. Scammers are continuously looking to identify loopholes in financial institutions to rob businesses with fake transactions.

In fact, financial institutions have suffered serious damage in recent years due to such dubious customer identities. It is, therefore, imperative for organizations to hire a reliable data verifications services provider that can minimize their risks of being conned by such anonymous scammers both online and offline.

How Volans will enhance your Information verification experience?

VOLANS is a trusted partner of global banks and non-banking financial institutions, technology and FMCG companies, retail and e-commerce portals, online payment services, and several organizations across industries for their varied information verification needs. Our information verification services encompass the entire customer lifecycle and include a wide range of solutions that include both regulatory and hygiene checks to minimize business risks and ensure uninterrupted business continuity.


Information verification services have started playing an important role in employee verification too. As organizations grow and diversify, they need to ensure the integrity of their employees. For multinational organizations, checking the background of their employees is paramount as one wrong hire can ruin the reputation of the brand significantly. VOLANS with its deep experience in information verification possesses an excellent track record in offering trustworthy employee information verification services that organizations of all sizes can use to ensure to hire the best talent from the market.


VOLANS is committed to providing the best information verification services to its clients. We have partnerships with leading organizations that help us verify and deliver the most reliable and trusted data verification solution to our clients. We are a reliable third-party information verification services provider, our services help you to navigate your business needs. 


Only, a trusted player can assure clients of such a trustworthy service. If you are looking for a reliable information verification services provider for your business, your search ends with VOLANS. Fill in our contact query form and one of our business representatives will get in touch with you soon.

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