Business Process as a Service (BPaaS)

Business Process as a Service

With increased business competition, organizations are looking for a comprehensive suite of solutions that can help them save upfront costs without compromising on their quality of services or customer experience. With BPaaS, businesses can achieve this objective by employing ready to deploy, Software (SaaS), Platforms (Platform as a Service), and Infrastructure (Infrastructure as a Service) on the cloud, on a subscription model, which can help them operate using the most advanced technology tools without investing significantly in capex costs.

What makes us best?

VOLANS possesses the expertise to partner with organizations in their quest for a single-source service provider in today’s fast-moving economic environment. With our extensive experience in delivering value-driven business process management solutions, we help our clients focus on their core business objectives. We develop, implement and manage their entire operational requirements with our Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) solutions stack. These solutions deliver long-term growth, and value for businesses and are based on a combination of:

VOLANS in partnership with its subsidiaries Mafei IT and MafeiSoft, possess the technology and domain expertise to offer both plug & play and customized BPaaS offerings to businesses of all sizes. Our BPaaS offerings can be deployed across horizontal or vertical business process automation and operations management using a cloud delivery model. We also have experience in managing existing client platforms, software, and infrastructure in a hybrid model for businesses with sensitive data.

Advantages that we offer you

Highly Scalable & Flexible – BPaas offers excellent operational scalability and flexibility for businesses to ramp up or down their software, infrastructure, platform, and human resource requirements based on business requirements. Since it’s a subscription model, no upfront investments are required to manage seasonal fluctuations in customer transactions.


Reduces Manpower Costs – BPaaS with its advanced technology suite helps businesses automate repetitive operational processes using AI, bots, Machine Learning, and other newer technologies. It helps in lowering human resource costs.


Increases Operational Speed & Efficiency – With increased deployment of automation, businesses are able to increase their operational efficiency and reduce their turnaround time for client delivery and processes.


No Upfront or New Investments – BpaaS delivery models are built on cloud architecture. As such businesses no longer need to invest in their own software, infrastructure, or platform. For businesses, that want to deploy their own legacy software, operations can be moved to the cloud and the same operational technology stack can be used by the outsourced business process solutions provider, thereby removing any additional investments.


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