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Customer Survey

It is no secret that it costs five times more to attract a new customer than it takes to retain an existing one. As such it makes absolute business sense for organizations to understand the feedback of their existing customers on a periodic basis and take necessary action to ensure the retention of existing customers.


Conducting periodic customer feedback surveys is used as a key tool by several organizations to understand how their products and services are being perceived by their existing customers. It gives them genuine feedback on the positive aspects as well as provides advice on areas of improvement. These insights from existing customers can help improve the products and services to retain existing customers as well as gain new ones.


To ensure that insights generated from existing customers are reliable and without any bias, organizations should partner with third-party customer survey services. It is a widely accepted fact that surveys conducted internally by organizations tend to throw up biased results. As such, partnering with a third-party services provider is the only solution to ensure that results are without any bias and genuine. It can help organizations to achieve remarkable business improvements and success.

What makes Volans your choice for customer survey services?

VOLANS provides end-to-end customer survey services that can help organizations gain access to insightful data about their existing and prospective customers. Our customer survey services encompass the entire survey process chain, which is inclusive of:

We use highly sophisticated statistical models to intelligently analyze the survey data before the final submission of the survey report and related insights to our clients.


VOLANS conducts customer survey services to attract new customers for your business. Our customer acquisition surveys help organizations understand the expectations of customers, existing market demands, and surveys of customers from competitor brands. Such surveys can help organizations understand the undercurrent of customer needs in the market. It is the surveys that help in developing products and services that can address these needs. Such strategic survey insights can help organizations increase their revenues as well as market share significantly.

Our Customer Survey Services Include:

Tele Customer Surveys – We conduct effective telephone-based customer surveys using pre-defined survey questionnaires. Our telecallers are trained to conduct customer surveys effectively and get genuine feedback from interviewees for all kinds of questions.


Online Customer Surveys – Our team of trained professionals have developed deep expertise in using various online survey tools like Survey Monkey, So Go Survey, Pro Profs Survey, Type form, Google Form, Zoho Survey, and Survey Gizmo amongst others to efficiently conduct online customer surveys. These online survey tools provide highly scalable and economical platforms to conduct surveys that involve thousands of respondents.


Email Customer Surveys – Using the most advanced email tools, we conduct customer surveys that are reliable. Our email customer surveys help us conduct surveys involving a targeted audience in a fast and economical manner.


SMS & Whatsapp Customer Surveys – Mobile SMS and Whatsapp-based customer surveys are a preferred option for conducting short customer surveys. These surveys can be rolled out to a large database with simple type-in option forms that be easily responded to by customers. Such surveys are easier to respond to and require less time. As such, they get higher responses from customers and remain a popular choice for organizations to conduct customer surveys.

Our customer survey services can help you measure the pulse of your customers and take necessary action to achieve high customer satisfaction and drive business growth. To know about our various customer survey services, connect with us today.


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