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” Outsourcing the call answering services can be a great way to make a company more efficient. “

In the current competitive global business economy, no organization can afford to ignore incoming customer calls. If handled well, every incoming call landing on a board number can be an opportunity to drive sales. Organizations have realized that customers today no longer want to be kept waiting. They like to have access to information round the clock and prefer to call anytime during the day. An organization that does not answer calls after specified work hours are likely to lose a significant chunk of potential customers and revenue. As such, it is important for businesses to provide dedicated 24 x 7 call answering services to attend to all kinds of customer queries. 

What makes call answering services so vital?

It is difficult to engage your internal staff to attend to incoming telephone calls 24 x 7 as they have fixed working hours. Also, with most organizations serving a global clientele, time zone differences make it nearly impossible to attend phone round-the-clock from across the world. Coupled with it are the challenges of addressing customer queries in multiple languages as incoming customer calls can be in any language. To overcome all such challenges, organizations prefer to utilize a third-party call answering BPO services provider to manage all their incoming calls.

How we can be the solution for your issues?

VOLANS offers cost-effective call answering services to clients across a wide range of industries. Our services help organizations stay connected to their customers round-the-clock to address all kinds of technical and non-technical calls. We have been a trusted partner of leading brands across industries for their varied call answering service needs. Our team of professionals works dedicatedly on behalf of our clients and ensures every single call that lands on the line are properly catered to. 

Advantages of Hire VOLANS as your call answering service partner

Hire VOLANS as your call answering service partner to achieve high customer service scores and also convert your prospects into customers. Call or write to us today to get a quote for our various call answering services solutions.

Our Call Answering Services

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Loan Account Status

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Airline Status

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Emergency Services

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