Email Support Services

Email Support Services

Organizations today receive millions of emails daily from prospective and existing customers that include:


  • Sales queries
  • Product and service information requests
  • Customer support
  • Service queries
  • Price information
  • Complaints
  • feedback 


Responding to these emails on time with the right information is crucial to ensure business continuity and success. 


It has been proven by studies, that every incoming email received by an organization is an opportunity to sell. In spite of this revelation, most organizations are unable to respond to 50% of incoming emails due to lack of time, internal resources, or missing out on sharing timely information. 


Organizations that rest the responsibility of email response management internally within their sales department usually tend to face such issues. To overcome this challenge, several organizations rely on the email support services of a third-party BPO services provider to aid them in effective email management. 


Benefits of choosing our email support services


VOLANS uses its expertise in business process outsourcing to deliver efficient email support services to customers across a wide range of industries. 


  • Our email support services are equipped to handle all kinds of email requests and respond appropriately ensuring absolute customer delight. 
  • We pride ourselves on the speed and response quality of our outsourced email services that deliver desired business outcomes for our clients. 
  • We have been at the forefront of delivering reliable email support to customers across industries over the years. 
  • Written communication is a trusted and stored mode of communication. Any wrong or negative response can be used as proof for legal or other business challenges in the future. 
  • We understand the power of the written word and as such take extreme care in choosing our words carefully while responding to emails. 
  • To ensure high credibility, we hire the best talent in the market and train them in written communication to improve their writing and comprehension skills. 
  • We also train them on the varied nature of emails and the nuances of responding to each query comprehensively.


To manage their varied incoming emails our services are used by leading companies in:


  • E-commerce
  • Banking
  • Non-banking financial institutions
  • Retail
  • Telecom
  • Airlines
  • Travel
  • Hospitality
  • IT & ITES


We use a proven email response matrix to ensure no email goes unanswered and the responses provided are accurate and complete. 


Rigorous training has helped our agents respond to all kinds of email requests – be it queries regarding:


  • Product information
  • Technical queries
  • After-sales support queries
  • Information queries
  • Billing
  • Payment-related emails 


In many instances, where our SLAs permit, we have also used email support as a tacit tool to generate leads or cross-sell and upsell client products and services. To manage the high inflow of incoming emails efficiently, we use a wide range of email and technology tools to manage our services. This helps us to constantly monitor the inflow and outflow of emails and also provide insightful dashboards to our clients. 


Partnering with Volans can be the ideal solution to efficiently manage the high volume of emails received by your organization every single day and ensure no email goes unanswered. Call or write to us today to give you a demonstration of our services.

Email Support Services

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