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Chatbot Customer Support

VOLANS helps organizations improve their customer experience by deploying automated chatbots across their various digital channels. Our chatbot solutions enable organizations to deliver instant responses to their end-customer queries – be it transactional, technical or generic product or service related queries. 


Today’s digital consumers prefer quick and ready responses and deploying chatbots can help businesses meet this expectation of their new age customers. Automated chatbots act as the first line of response for incoming customer queries and provide them with a ready solution based on pre-defined scripts. It is highly beneficial for business to consumer (B2C) facing brands as they tend to receive large volumes of incoming calls. By using chatbots in their customer support helplines, businesses can free up their critical human resources to focus on solving complex customer queries and higher value transactions. 


Before the advent of chatbots, IVR systems acted as the filtering mechanism to divert incoming customer calls, based on the nature of the query. However, most customers fretted the experience of punching in numbers and the associated delay in getting a solution to their simplest of queries. A simple customer query involved long transactions. Chatbots helped brands bypass this practice, delivering instant solutions to customer queries based on frequently asked query (FAQ) scripts and automated chatbots. 


VOLANS with its vast experience in managing customer support helplines across industries possesses deep domain knowledge and technology expertise to develop and implement chatbots that deliver prompt customer support to consumers across domains. Our services help banking & financial institutions, ecommerce & retails brands, telecom & ISP majors and IT & ITES companies enhance their end-customer experience by deploying smart chatbots to manage their helpline numbers. 


As a partner for leading consumer facing and B2B brands, we understand the criticality of delivering prompt responses to customers queries for a positive customer experience. By deploying automated chatbots, we help our customer achieve high customer satisfaction scores, enhancing both topline and bottomline growth. 



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