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In today’s digital age, customers expect a speedy and prompt resolution to their queries. Studies have shown that 99% of consumers visit the brand’s website to derive a solution to their problem. 


Online chat support helps organizations interact with such customers by giving them access to virtual or human chat agents that listen to their requirements and provide the necessary solution. Chat support provides an instant two-way communication channel between the customer and the brand, which is reasonably cheaper than traditional channels like phone and text and is therefore preferred by most consumers. 


Why are chat support services required? 


For organizations, chat support involves limited technology costs as most online instant messaging applications are either free or require minimal investments for basic functionality. Several leading global companies today offer highly sophisticated chat support services to their customers. Some of these companies use AI-driven bots that have intuitive knowledge of consumer needs and respond appropriately to all kinds of customer queries.


 Today, online chat services are being used to drive sales for organizations. Irrespective of whether an organization operates in the business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) space, companies have used this medium effectively to drive sales for their products. The moment a visitor land on their website, a human or AI-enabled bot starts interacting with the website visitor to understand his requirement. 


Based on the visitor’s requirement, related products and services are offered to him. This creates a great connection with the website visitor as he gets an instant solution for his problem and raises his intention to buy or sign-up as a customer. For B2B companies, this creates a high probable customer whose details would be recorded and passed on to the sales team for further discussions and sales closures.


How can Volans stand firm on the current requirements?


VOLANS helps organizations manage the expectations of their customers effectively, round-the-clock, throughout the year with efficient online chat support services. 


We help organizations provide a digital platform to their end customers for :


  • Information sharing
  • Sales query generation
  •  Provide product support
  • Handling customer complaints


Advantages of choosing our chat support services


  • We have a highly proficient team of chat support agents with years of experience in managing chat support for customers across various businesses. 
  • Our agents use scripted chat manuals approved by our clients to resolve all kinds of online queries of customers. 
  • To maintain the uniformity of conversations, we deploy dedicated agents for each customer account. 
  • This ensures continuity of conversations with customers, driving higher customer satisfaction and engagement. 
  • We organize various training programs for our agents like business writing to deliver precise information and typing to increase their typing speeds. 
  • This helps them deliver better and faster chat communication to customers.
  • We use highly advanced technology tools to track and save chat conversations. This helps in building an archive of conversations that can be used by sales teams for cold calling purposes or be used internally to train agents on effective chat management.
  • Our chat support services are scalable and can manage high traffic inflow to websites easily, ensuring support 24×7, 365 days a year.


VOLANS is an ideal partner for you to transform your chat support services from a simple customer support channel to a lead generation channel that can boost sales. Call or write to us today to get a detailed quote for your business.

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