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Debt Collection Services

VOLANS debt collection services help companies maintain regular cash flow, reduce their risk of financial losses and ensure business continuity. We assist organizations in streamlining their accounts receivable process and reduce their risks of default customer payments. Our experience in recovering bad debts for multiple businesses in ecommerce, banking and finance, credit cards, insurance, loans, hospitality have helped us develop a proven debt collection methodology that is legally compliant, builds positive brand relationships and ensures high profitability.


Businesses globally suffer significant losses every year due to timely collection of debts. Most of it is primarily in financial services like credit card payments, housing loans, personal and auto loans, mortgages, insurance and retail. The prime reason for such situation is the lack of time and focus by internal sales teams towards debt collection from past or existing clients. Internal sales or accounts teams tend to focus on new sales and billings which leaves a wide gap of payment default from existing clients.


To address this challenge, an increasing number of businesses prefer to outsource their debt collection process to a specialized third party services provider. These businesses realize the shortcomings of hiring and training an internal team of debt collectors. It involves significant recruitment, manpower and operational costs. As such, they prefer to hire an external team that can be scaled as per business requirements and ensure timely recovery of debts. It also frees them to focus on core strategic business activities.


VOLANS with its extensive experience in contact center management solutions delivers highly efficient debt collection services to several business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) organizations across the globe. We help businesses of all sizes – large, mid and small – operate efficiently without any financial loss and achieve high profitability.


Our outsourced debt collection services are suited for early and late stage debt collections, wherein we reach out to payment defaulters and offer them various options to restructure and repay their debts. We make all efforts to clean and validate customer data by calling up defaulters on their contact numbers and making every effort to reach out to them in case they have changed their phone number or address. For complex and high default cases, we offer a legal dispute mechanism to ensure the maximum return for our clients.


VOLANS has a team of highly qualified debt collection agents who operate out of its various on-shore, near-shore and off-shore delivery centers. We have multi-lingual specialists who can converse in English, Spanish, German, French, Arabic amongst other popular languages to engage in a meaningful conversation with defaulting customers and convince them to pay-up. Our agents use the most advanced technology tools to track every customer conversation, understand the reasons for default and offer customized repayment options based on each individual case, ensuring higher chances of payment recovery for our clients.


VOLANS has helped organizations across B2B and B2C segments recover millions of dollar stuck in bad debts. If you are looking for a professional debt collections agency that delivers assured returns, call or write to us today.




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