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Catalog Management Services

VOLANS is a trusted partner for several leading business to customer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) companies for their online and offline catalog management needs. We help our clients constantly keep their product catalogs, both in physical and digital formats updated to ensure they do not lose out on any potential business opportunity. Be it launch of a new product or adding an upgraded product to an existing product range, we ensure our client product catalogs continuously match the physical growth of their product lines.


Catalogs are a key tool for marketing products. They act as reference guides for potential customers to know about a product, its features, physical specifications, price, discounts and other details. In the current digital age, online catalogs on company websites and the first point of interaction between a brand and its customers. Therefore, it is critical that online catalogs are constantly updated with the latest information so that organizations do not lose out on prospective clients to competition.


Like their online counterparts, physical catalogs also play an instrumental role for raising awareness and interest amongst customers, particular for B2B customers, where deal sizes are bigger and involve longer periods of association between client and customer.


VOLANS offers end to end catalog management services that includes traditional paper catalog creation including content and design; online catalog creation, indexing, regular updation and images. We also help our clients create product specific detailed online catalogs for an extensive digital presence across World Wide Web and mobile devices. In recent years, we have started developing mobile catalog apps that have delivered demonstrable business impact for our clients. We constantly update our client product catalogs across all mediums by adding new products, revising existing products with new upgrades, price revision, updating and replacing old photos with new ones, deleting obsolete products amongst others.


We have an experienced team of content writers, designers, SEO professionals and catalog specialists to create impactful product catalogs for your business. Before we begin delivering our services to a client, we train our agents on the industry, product features and specifications, its benefits and other related aspects so that they can create resource rich catalogs for our client businesses that can deliver long term benefits for their business. The team is trained to handle large volumes of data from various sources, and combine them into required style sheets and content formats in minimal time to ensure that client catalogs are constantly updated with the most recent information.


If you are looking for a reliable catalog management services provider for your business, contact us today for a detailed scoping and competitive quote for your business. We assure not to disappoint you.



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