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Billing Support Services

VOLANS provides error free and legally compliant billing support services to clients across a wide range of industries. Our outsourced billing support services help clients focus on their core business activities like marketing strategy, business development and sales closures, while we maintain their the critical back-end function of timely billing and invoicing. In addition to invoicing, we also offer support services for all customer billing queries and grievance management through our effective contact management services that include phone, email, chat, instant messenger and mobile apps amongst other.


Outsourcing billing support to a third party BPO services provider has become the norm for most companies in the current competitive economic landscape. For small and mid-sized companies, this practice makes absolute sense as it allows them to save significant manpower costs. Billing is a support function. Unlike business development and sales, which needs to rest with internal teams, billing can be outsourced without much disruption to core business activities. It also aligns internal teams to focus on the core business function of driving revenue growth rather than revenue realization.


However, partnering a third party billing services provider can be a tricky affair. Since, the process involves a mix of pricing, applicable tax laws, mode of payment and other financial metrics, the entire process needs to be handled carefully by experienced professionals. Any error can result in not just loss of business from a client but also lead to taxation and other legal problems. In addition to these, raising bills on time, ensuring necessary bill documents are sent and corresponding follow-up with clients require a detailed understanding of processes.


VOLANS with its experience of serving clients in ecommerce, medical, telecom, retail, hospitality offers customers a bouquet of end-to-end outsourced billing services. We manage the entire customer billing process, from onboarding to ledger creation, monthly billing and grievance redress. We have an experienced team of billing agents who possess years of experience in processing bills for multiple clients in various sectors. Partnering us ensures punctual delivery of bills to customers as well as timely receipt of payments from customers.


We understand the sensitivity of data in managing customer billing data. Therefore we use the most advanced accounting and technology softwares to generate accurate customer bills. Using the right technology tools ensure there are no human or clerical errors that can result in overbilling or under-billing. Both the situations are unwarranted as one can lead to bad customer experience while the other can lead to loss of revenue. Our tools also help us roll out monthly bills for the end customers of our clients on exact dates without any failure. This leads to timely and efficient realization of revenue, ensuring adequate cash-flows for our client businesses.


In addition to the above, we have the technological expertise to implement web enabled payment services on client websites using third party payment gateways. Web based payments systems are a must have in the current digital landscape.  VOLANS, also offers voice and non-voice support services for billing related queries and resolutions.


If your business is facing cash flow issues due to slower turnaround of customer payments, then outsource your billing services to us. As an established third party billing services provider, we can help fasten your revenue realization and ensuring continued growth of your business. Call or write to us today.


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