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Data Processing & Intelligence Solutions

VOLANS partners organizations in their digital transformation journey with its suite of data processing and intelligence solutions. Digital transformation involves major operational shifts for traditional businesses. It requires modernizing legacy applications, standardizing data formats, data cleansing, digitization and fixing interoperability issues amongst others. We help organizations make this shift with our expertise in handling various aspects of data in today’s digital world.


It is no secret that the bedrock of any digital transformational journey rests on data. Therefore, efficient data extraction, assessment, quality check, reconciliation, and digitization is key to ensure successful digital transformation of organizations. Data sanctity is also key for deriving meaningful business insights for growth of businesses.


Most organizations face challenges in deriving meaningful insights from their captive data. They are all a victim of the DRIP principle – Data Rich, Information Poor. Data ownership by different departments in silos within an organization, large volumes of data, lack of standardized technology platforms and CRM applications are some of the reasons for organizations to face such a dilemma.


VOLANS helps organizations make effective use of its data with its end-to-end suite of data solutions. Our data processing and intelligence services encompass the entire data lifecycle that includes data entry, data digitization, data conversion, data mining and analytics. We also provide custom applications for storage of data as well as customize leading third party technology platforms for storage and processing of data.


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