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Data Analytics

VOLANS helps organizations make smarter decisions by deriving actionable insights from their data with its advanced suite of data science and analytics services. By partnering us, organizations can derive meaningful answers from the data generated through internal sources like ERP, CRM, HRM and external sources like social media, websites, marketing automation tools amongst others.


Thanks to the digital era we live in, organizations today are flooded with data from multiple sources. Unfortunately, most organizations fail to use this data to make informed decisions as their volumes are huge. Managing such large piles of data and harnessing this data in-house requires specialized capabilities. Therefore, most organizations partner specialized service providers to help them handle and extract the information hidden in them.


VOLANS with its experience in managing operations for businesses across industries possesses the know-how to deliver data analytics services to clients in Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Ecommerce, Manufacturing, IT & ITES amongst others. We have used our domain expertise to develop proprietary data science tools that can weed out critical data from all kinds of structured and unstructured databases of clients.


Our data analytics services combine AI and machine learning algorithms to automate the sorting, compilation and analysis of data. These help us seam through millions of data in the shortest possible time frame, allowing us to deliver real-time insights into client business operations.


VOLANS analytics team comprises experienced statisticians, data scientists, modellers, and domain specialists using popular languages like R, Python, SQL amongst others.


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