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Data Conversion Services

VOLANS helps organizations convert and consolidate large volumes of data spread across multiple file formats into requisite digital or hard copy formats based on client business requirements. Our services help organizations put their data to meaningful use by amalgamating them from various sources into an easy to use format for various stakeholders. Using our services have benefitted several large and mid-sized organizations draw valuable insights from their diverse data sets stored in more than hundreds of file formats in physical and digital form.


Every organization faces in integrating data generated across its various functions. The reason for that is the working requirements, software tools used, data formats etc. For finance teams, storing data in excel sheets is a business requirement. However, the same might not be true for human resources function. They might need to store their data in word format. Frontline sales persons might be storing their data in physical copies, whereas internal sales teams might be using CSV file formats. Combining this wide array of file formats into a single format for organization decision making requires a lot of effort.


Data conversion also includes digitizing old files and records from scanned documents into newer file formats or converting existing documents into secure PDF files formats for limited circulation. It is also used extensively by survey companies to convert hard copies of survey questionnaires into digital file formats or input them into a software application.


Performing all such tasks within the internal teams is not possible as they have their own daily responsibilities to perform. Therefore, most companies prefer to outsource such activities to an experienced third party BPO services provider for faster turnaround and efficient results.


VOLANS has years of experience in handling all kinds of client data in various file formats and converting them into required formats as per client requirements. We have a highly capable team of agents who can convert business documents like invoices, customer directories, employee databases, supplier records, product catalogs and others into a required file format and store them in a single organized database for ease of viewing. We also have capabilities in editing and converting photo, audio and video content into required file formats of our clients.


We use a combination of technology and human skill to ensure high efficacy and faster turnaround time for client tasks. All our data conversion processes are highly secure, ensuring high protection of our customer’s data.


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