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Data Entry Services

VOLANS partners global corporations, small & medium enterprises, multilateral agencies and government institutions to effectively manage large volumes of data with our technology enabled data entry services. We offer a wide range of data entry solutions across online and offline channels, directory management, CRM data entry, survey data entry, quickbooks data entry, software data entry amongst others. Our services help clients convert their legacy data into digital formats as well as record regular offline operational data into required formats to make informed decisions about various aspects of their business. 


With the growing adoption of digital technologies in digital operations, traditional businesses are facing an urgent need to convert their legacy data stored in physical file formats to digital data. This allows them to not just to store their data into secure digital formats, but also reduces the space required to store large volumes of data. This in turn, reduces real-estate costs, security and power infrastructure costs that would be required to store such physical file formats. Therefore, an increasing number of organizations are hiring specialized data entry service providers to convert such historical data into digital file formats. 


VOLANS has worked with several large businesses to convert their large piles of physical files into digital formats. We use both human and technology to convert these varied data into required formats and then record them in various digital platforms. Working with advanced OCR scanners and intelligent data entry software, we have the capability to compile large volumes of data in the shortest possible time frame for our clients.


Our data entry services are not just applicable for legacy databases. A lot of businesses generate physical data on a regular basis which needs to be stored in digital formats for future records. These include business operations of healthcare service providers, banking and financial services, insurance, retail and telecom amongst others. The survey industry is another big industry that requires data entry services to compile large scale surveys conducted offline in remote regions. For all such businesses, VOLANS works on a multi-year retainer model and delivers on time, accurate data entry services. 


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