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Technical Support Services

VOLANS is a leading provider of technical support services to global IT and ITES companies. Our outsourced technical support services are suited for both hardware and software technology companies operating across business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) segments. We also provide technical support services for ecommerce and related consumer portals, mobile manufacturers, consumer electronic goods, computer systems, laptops amongst others. Our outsourced technical support services includes remote trouble-shoot, product information, product activation, product warranty activation, software installation, software renewals, repairs, amongst others.


Prompt and solution oriented technical support is key to the success for any technology company. Unlike generic customer queries, technical queries require in-depth product knowledge so that the agents can provide the right solution to address a customer query. Third party services providers need to train their staff on various product related features and advantages so that they can deliver efficient technical support to customers. At VOLANS, we ensure our agents are trained on necessary technologies before they are entrusted with the task of providing technical support to customers.


The growing adoption of Cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) by organizations has amplified the need for round-the-clock technical support services. Organizations understand that a few minutes of downtime can lead to operational challenges and therefore need the services of an effective technical support services provider to ensure that their business operations face minimal business disruption.


To address this customer need, VOLANS offers customized technical support that address specific needs of each customer organization or business. We offer technical support through voice, live messenger, email, and chat so that customers have access to world class technical support, anytime, anywhere. Our proprietary framework and years of experience in contact center management makes it easier for us to make our technical support operations deliver a seamless experience. We hire the best agents and train them on various technologies so that there are no glitches in our services.


VOLANS operations team uses the most advanced technology tools to track and monitor every customer conversation and issue. We use this data to develop FAQ sheets and Do it Yourself (DIY) kits so that end customers can be a part of the solutions process and resolve queries faster. We also use this data to suggest product and service improvements for our clients.


Our delivery centers are located across multiple geographies across the world. This allows us to deliver on-shore, near shore and remote technical support services to our clients based on their individual needs. Partnering us can help clients considerably reduce their operational costs without compromising on the quality of services. We deploy six sigma and other quality control measures in our process to ensure continuous high quality services for our clients.


We believe that good technical support is a key to ensure long term customer relationships. As such we treat every customer interaction as an opportunity to deliver a great brand experience. Technical snags are negative experiences for customers. However, with a right outsourced technical support services provider like VOLANS, brands can convert it into a positive experience and build lifelong customers for their brand.


Facing challenges in offering prompt and effective technical support services to your customers? Have poor technical support affected your sales? Outsource your technical support requirements to VOLANS and achieve complete peace of mind. Call or write to us today.


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