Human Resource Outsourcing Services

Human Resource Outsourcing Services

Human Resource Management comprises a series of strategic and tactical functions. These include:


  • Recruitment
  • On-boarding
  • Employee policy
  • Policy implementation
  • Conflict resolution and management
  • Payroll processing
  • Employee benefits
  • Internal communications


Assigning this wide set of responsibilities to in-house teams would entail organizations to build robust internal human resource functions that could significantly increase their manpower and operational costs.


To address this challenge, a growing number of organizations have outsourced various HR functions to third-party human resource service providers. This strategy helps organizations offload tactical day-to-day activities that are not a part of their core business mission and strategy. Outsourcing also helps organizations scale their HR functions and requirements at a short notice without incurring heavy investments. These benefits have led to the growing popularity of outsourced human resource services.


How Volans can solve your issues related to human resource outsourcing services?


VOLANS provides end-to-end human resource outsourcing services to:


  • Large global corporations
  • Small and medium enterprises
  • New-age digital enterprises
  • Start-ups
  • Government agencies


Our services help organizations focus on their core business activities and reduce their overall operating expenses while we successfully manage their business-critical, human capital requirements.


Advantages that we offer:


  • We offer wide experience in outsourced business process services has helped several organizations transform and optimize their HR functions to meet the needs of the business. 
  • Having worked with clients across industries, we possess a deep understanding of the distinct human resource needs of clients across various industries.
  • We offer the best verticals and devise efficient operational HR models to deliver maximum business impact. 
  • Partnering with us as a service partner provides organizations access to industry best practices, employee benefits benchmarking, and strategic human resource consulting services.
  • Our engagement model is based on a consulting approach.
  • We first understand the client’s business requirements and devise a strategic roadmap to help them achieve their human capital requirements. 
  • This involves delivering an excellent employee experience from the recruitment stage to the entire tenure of association with the organization. 
  • We also ensure compliance with national, state, and local government labor laws so that our clients face no legal issues.
  • To cater to the growing demands of HR automation, we have invested in several new technology tools and HRM applications. 
  • These cutting-edge technology platforms help us streamline the HR functions of our clients at reduced costs, without compromising on the quality of services.
  •  It also saves upfront investments by our clients in procuring such platforms.
  •  Hiring us as an outsourced HR services provider is thus a complete win situation for clients.


With VOLANS human resource outsourcing services, companies can be assured of high employee morale and compliance with all statutory laws. To learn more about our comprehensive suite of HR Outsourcing Services, call and write to us today.

Our Human Resource Outsourcing Services

Staff Augmentation

Payroll Administration

HR Policy

HR Compliance

Performance Appraisal Management

Employee Verification

Temporary Hiring

Off-roll hiring

HR Application Development

Conflict Resolution

Employee Engagement

Internal Communications


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