Why travel industry outsource live chat support?

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May 8, 2023
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The travel industry is a service-based industry. The interaction with the customer’s matters a lot while generating leads or informing them about the deals and offers. Live chat support gives real-time feeling to the customers. Companies can outsource live chat operators from Volans. 

Especially in the travel and tourism industry customers have loads of queries regarding packages, refund issues, customized plans, and many more. Only a human can answer these questions efficiently and satisfies the customer. A human agent also maintains a bond with the customer and changes the perception of the customer about the company.  

Where you can place a live chat support tool?

Companies outsource live chat support to place on their website or social media platforms. Many outsource live chat operators exists in the market, but Volans is different from them. We have a list of factors that stands Volans alone. 

  • The prices are comparatively low with other outsourcing companies
  • Design a road map permitting the need of the business. 
  • The employees are experts in handling the queries of the customer. 
  • 24/7 coverage
  • Assign a manager to take care of your process

According to a survey, customers don’t want to visit a website where live chat support is not installed. They want instant resolution of their query. 

Services offered to the travel industry

  • Sales chat support
  • Escalation chat support
  • Complaint chat support
  • Billing chat support
  • Tracking chat support

Why live chat is more effective than chatbot service?

In live chat support human replies on the other hand in chatbot AI software answers the customers. In the travel industry, there are numerous types of queries which is very hard to handle in the chatbot. Another important reason to place live chat support on the tourism website is human agents also do the upselling of products while resolving the queries of the customer. It is impossible with chatbot support. So, outsource live chat operators without having any second considerations about outsourcing.

The price difference between live chat and the chatbot is easily manageable by any organization. So, always choose live chat support over a chatbot.

What is the initial investment required to outsource live chat? 

We can’t disclose the price range to outsource live chat service. Before getting the exact quote you need to share some details with our representatives. 

  • Duration of service
  • The number of agents requires
  • The motive of live chat support
  • Experience level of executives
  • Mode of outsourcing (offshore, onshore, or near-shore)

After sharing all these details we can quote the price of the service. Our prices are competitively low in comparison with our competitors. We give one guarantee that our quality of service and prices compliments each other. Without having any problem you can outsource live chat operators from Volans. 


In the market, you will find many outsource live chat operators for your business. But no one competes with Volans in terms of price, service, and commitment. We do what we promise to our clients. Above you will know the prominence of live chat support services for the travel & tourism industry. 

You can contact us anytime, we have no time limitation for contacting you. Our executives are always ready to pick up your call and replying your emails instantly. You can visit our page https://volansinfo.com/services/chat-support/ to know more about live chat support. 

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