What significant qualities require for effective telesales service?

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May 28, 2023
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Telesales service is not only to promote the product or service, but it also generates leads and transforms those leads into customers. If you are looking for an effective telesales outsourcing service, then Volans is the best option. Sharing the qualities which create a differentiator for the clients. 

  • Telesales callers are experienced in doing sales.
  • We give maximum ROI by running an impactful campaign.
  • Our engagement model is fruitful for the clients.
  • Pricing is competitive and easily accepted even by a small organization.
  • Our extensive training programs increase the productivity of executives
  • We are a multilingual outsourcing company
  • We are having industry-leading telesales caller.

When all these qualities come together, it became a good package for clients and their customers. 

Is telesales outsourcing services useful for banks and financial institution?

Yes, telesales service is useful for banks, financial institutions, and other industries. The main motive of telesales service is selling your product and services over the call. But simultaneously they also do the marketing for the company. Many companies hire callers and set up an in-house team for telesales, but it is not that effective. The reason being outsourcing companies organize rigorous training sessions for continuous improvement in the process. The prices are very less in comparison with the in-house team. 

We are experienced in catering services to travel, insurance, telecom, retail, hospitality, e-commerce, Information technology, manufacturing sector, etc. 

What is the easiest process of outsourcing telesales services?

The easiest process is to shortlist the outsourcing companies that come under your budget and offer quality service to clients. We tell you another easiest method of availing outsourcing service is walk towards Volans. Visit our office or connect through a call. We are a highly recommended outsourcing company by clients from different geographical locations. Telesales outsourcing is extremely endorsed for banks and financial institutions to sell accounts and offer loans to customers. 

It becomes the main source of generating income. Through telesales services, you can create audibility for your product. Telesales service can be used by many global services.

Is the German language available for telesales service?

Yes, if you outsource telesales service from Volans then we provide service in many national and regional languages. Our agents are experts in Hindi, English, Arabic, German, and many more. 

Why offshore is much more popular for outsourcing?

The main reason for outsourcing through offshoring is cost-effectiveness. Another major benefit of offshore outsourcing is removing the geographical barrier. You can avail of the telesales service by sitting in any part of the world. Outsourcers need not visit the office physically. Over the call share all the details and complete the payment part and enjoy the services. In onshore infrastructure, the cost is part of the outsourcer, so it becomes a bit costlier than offshore. 


We share all the details about telesales outsourcing, remove all the thoughts from your mind and enjoy the growth of your company by handing over the telesales service to Volans. We are the leading telesales provider at realizable prices. Please contact us for inquiries over email and call. 

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