Who Are The Top Kyc Solution Providers?

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Aug 5, 2023

The top KYC service provider is Volans because we show our existence in different parts of the globe. Our 99.99% of customers are satisfied with our service. We are the most promising document verification agency acclaimed by our clients. To become the top KYC service provider you need to work on several aspects.

  • The prices of the outsourcing agency are justified by their work.
  • Provide a customized strategy to their clients.
  • Fulfill your commitments
  • Achieve desired organizational goals.
  • Experience of the agents and leaders
  • Approach to handling the process
  • Using the latest technologies and updated software.

If you find all the qualities in one outsourcing partner, then you are the luckiest person in the world. Volans Infomatics fulfills all the above features. So, connect with us for the bright future of your company.

What are the documents required to complete the KYC?

The list of documents varies, it depends on which we are doing KYC. If we are verifying the details for a bank or any financial institution. Then we need income prod, a valid Identity card, address proof, business formation documents, and many more. On the other hand, if we are doing document verification for any e-commerce portal then the list of documents is different.

To get rid of these problems contact a top KYC solution provider. They know the process and method of performing KYC better than any business entity. The cost of availing service is also very realistic and acceptable for small business entities.

Why do companies choose outsourcing agencies for document verification?

Every company has different reasons to outsource KYC services. Some companies don’t have enough time to perform actions. Lack of funds is also a reason to outsource verification services. Experience of handle KYC solutions is another reason to contact a document verification agency. Outsourcing agencies like Volans have expertise in doing KYC for different industries. We have a dedicated workforce that provides KYC solutions to clients on time. Still, many of you are in dilemma whether we have to take the outsourcing services or not. Because they thought that the information and data are not secure with the third party.

What are the different methods of performing KYC services?

KYC verification services can be completed in various ways. It depends on the outsourcing firm which method they choose to fulfill your KYC needs. Top KYC solution providers use these communication channels to complete the KYC process.

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Chat
  • Messenger

Sometimes they also do a physical visit if required. After handing over the business process to an outsourcing company you don’t need to worry about the process. Volans will give you results as per your expectation. You will never regret your decision that why you choose Volans for KYC verification.

Different KYC services

KYC services offered by Volans to their clients are given below.

  • Credit score verification
  • Address verification
  • Document verification
  • Employee verification
  • Criminal record verification
  • Drug testing
  • KYC verification for financial products
  • Customer verification for signup processes

It is very difficult to mention all the services related to KYC verification because numerous services can be used for different industries.

Who are the industries that avail KYC outsourcing services?

A renowned document verification agency is open for every industry because they are experienced and own talented employees to handle the services efficiently. Till now we served our services to banks, financial institutions, e-commerce, medical & healthcare, manufacturing, etc.


We try to put all the necessary information regarding KYC services. It helps a lot in deciding on outsourcing. You can contact top KYC solution providers through:-

  • Call
  • Email
  • Message
  • WhatsApp
  • Form
  • Visiting

Some of the communication modes are available 24*7 to assist clients.

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