Why KYC is necessary for companies?

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Feb 15, 2023

The basic function of KYC is to know the details about your customer. Document verification services prevent banks and financial institutions from fraud. It restricts money laundering activities. In KYC we take several documents such as address proof, personal identity, photograph, bank statements, rent agreement, employment documents, etc. KYC helps in assessing the financial history of the company or the individual. Document verification reduces the risk.

To avail of all these benefits you need to outsource KYC services. The service provider knows the complete process. If a company wants to handle all these services by itself, then it is a bit difficult.

How does Volans help in document verification?


Volans is a well-known name in KYC verification companies in India. We have a team of hundred-plus employees. They are well equipped with the skills and latest techniques. Companies will get their work done in the given time. It controls the cost for the company. My experience with KYC verification agencies is always positive regarding the cost.

Choose an outsourcing agency like Volans for the verification. We deal in different languages. Our executives have exposure to international clients also. The agency is certified by the regulatory body for document verification. Interested persons can contact our outsourcing company for the best services.

What are the services related to verifying the details?


We at Volans provide different kinds of services regarding document verification services. Some eminent services are credit score verification, address verification, document verification for loans, KYC verification, education verification, employee verification, criminal record verification, etc. These services can be taken by any company. As of now, we do document verification for renowned financial institutions.

How are KYC services outsourced by the organization


Documents verification services can be outsourced by following the simple process. We are just a call/email away from our clients. Our team is ready to answer your call 24/7 on our toll-free number. Interested persons can also fix an appointment by filling out the query form. Prospective customers can get a call back from our sales team. You can discuss your doubts with them. They clarify all your queries and give the way out.

The KYC services can be carried out in various ways such as email, chat, phone, etc. KYC can be done for fresh accounts and dormant accounts.

What is the process of KYC?


The process of KYC is the same for all companies. We are sharing the process with our clients for more clarity.

  • Submission of documents- Ask to submit the necessary documents in physical and electronic form. These documents are for identity proof, residential proof, and income proof. 
  • Identity verification- It can verify with documents like a driving license, passport, voter card, pan card, etc. 
  • Residency verification- after checking the identity proof we move forward toward the residential verification. For this, we ask for telephone bills, electricity bills, rent agreements, aadhar cards, etc. 
  • Verification of the financial condition- This verification is done to reduce the risk of loss. It helps in knowing the financial condition of the customer. It is done while taking a loan. 

Volans will perform all these on your behalf. We handle the complete process efficiently.

At the end of this blog, I would like to say KYC plays an important role. Without document verification companies will not survive in the long run. Volans is the best KYC verification company in India. It is next to impossible to tackle document verification by the employees of the company itself. In the market, you will find many outsourcing companies for data verification. But the quality of work we offer at a very reasonable price is unbeatable.

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