8 Reasons that Strengthens the Pillars of Support for Business Process Outsourcing to India 

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Mar 23, 2022
Business Process Outsourcing

Undoubtedly, globalisation is taking control of this world and thus, there are various tactics that companies around the globe are adopting to assure their constant growth. Outsourcing is one of the vital solutions that has emerged as the essential business tactic for companies catering to various industries. In the past few decades, outsourcing helped companies to propel and accomplish tasks with reduced costs and high returns of investment.

China, India, and the Philippines are some of the growing Asian countries that have appeared as outsourcing destinations. Amid which India is preferred by the companies functioning at the global platforms for boosting their growth or streamlining their business. So, before taking the relations of outsourcing and India further let us enlighten you about the major points depicting how crucial outsourcing from BPO companies in India can be.  

How outsourcing from the BPO companies can become backbone during the global uncertainty period?


Outsourcing can also offer benefits in normal times, but can remarkably back up the company’s business and help them to outshine through dark times. Factors that make outsourcing the backbone for any organisation’s growth are:

  •   In the time when organisations require huge business transformation in some of the specific fields such as marketing, development, design, and others, it is possible due to outsourcing.  As it beholds the flexible nature that can bear the weight of such transformation.
  •  When we talk about flexibility, speed is the perfect pair to match the same. The outsourcing can offer the organisation a fast pace to handle the sudden market shifts and ease to pick up the latest trends for their growth.


The best example that can prove the strength of outsourcing during times of uncertainty or disruption is the COVID pandemic time that we faced recently. It can be seen that despite the crashing markets scenarios there were organisations holding uptight due to the involvement of outsourcing from the Indian BPO companies.

Let us dig a little deeper towards the reasons that showcase the significance of outsourcing to India and how it can be a perfect fit for various businesses. 


Why outsourcing to India can be a game changer for your organisation?



Outsourcing for your projects to India can offer you several opportunities and have perks such as:


  •   India hosts a vast pool of talent: There are different cases that can help you witness and agree with the statement that “India beholds a talent pool which is very large and well connected to various fields.” India does not just have the largest numbers of post graduates and graduates but this country also has a large proportion of the young generation. Being young and well educated makes the Indian professionals talented and thrust them to achieve new heights in innovation and creation of various techniques and walk shoulder to shoulder with the latest trends and technologies.


  •  Staff balancing becomes easy: One of the toughest jobs that a business requires is to balance and maintain the staffing at different levels. If not done properly it can lead to impact the growth of the business at different aspects. This staff balancing is key that helps in controlling or organising the systematic and constant work growth of any business. More or less staff can create and dis-balance which is definitely not a positive sign. But, outsourcing to India can be your solution for this issue as it provides you the flexibility. 


  • Outsourcing becomes easy when done to India: There are various service providers offering their best so initiating outsourcing to India is easy. Amid multiple of the options you need to choose the one that you can handle and for this selection scroll down to few tips that will suggest you to make a better decision:


  1. Try using various tools for communication with the remote team that you have outsourced.
  2.  Keep a detailed insight about the market you are dealing with along with the local vendors before you create any connection with them.
  3. Make decisions based on your business growth goals and potential that you have and strength that you wish to add within your team.


  •   You can achieve more with less while outsourcing to India: No one denies the fact that almost every sector involved within any business has to go through constant pressure. The pressure does not just involve revenue production but also is dipped within the thought of reducing the cost. Well, getting a higher revenue in return without investing in more staff is possible by outsourcing to India. The current working staff can be handed over the management of the outsourced projects and thus it will increase the output without increasing the input. So, yes outsourcing to India via BPO companies can offer you more productivity and enhance the performance.


  • Flexible pricing: The labour cost in China or America is expensive as the cost of living is also high in such countries. There are various distributions in the taxing system in these countries for instance an employer is required to pay taxes for cubicles and computers as well at some places. In some countries offering health insurance along with the salaries to the employees is also mandatory. But when outsourcing to India is done that is a drastic fall in the labour cost. There are no long lists of paying taxes and no health insurance is mandatory. So pricing can easily be adjusted according to the performance of the business when doing outsourcing to India. 


  • Companies can become more scalable: The business is unpredictable and can be at peak and also witness steep downfall due to the slow seasons. It is given to the staff members with the skills.  An amazing skill set might not always be available for sharing the seasonal workload as per requirement. This uncertainty can be changed by outsourcing to India as you can have the helping hand of the skills and talented minds that can easily pull up the falling seasonal business with their astounding skills and offer a definite level of scalability for your company.


  • Work with updated technology: The Indian service providers such as the BPO companies in India are laced up with latest technology and often train their employees with the same to make sure they are updated with the upgraded version of the technologies. In addition the major cities within India work with the amazing internet connectivity and this helps the multiple organisations to meet the various challenges they face while working on international projects also. This becomes a plus point that adds and becomes one of the vital reasons backing outsourcing to India.


  • Services with top-notch quality: India offers best quality service which is recognizable at the global platform and around 40% of India’s workforce is anticipated to enhance their working skills to have an assurance that they will be able meet the demand or face the challenge in the coming time. This future preparation is supported by various standard international models such as TQM (total quality management), ISO 9000, CNM, and many more. These standard models help in promising the improvised work quality and add higher chances of earning success in multiple sectors.


What is the future of outsourcing in India?


India has been emerging as one of the best outsourcing hubs on the global platform and it is due to the desire of multinational corporations wanting to cut off their extra costs and still utilize high and efficient skilled professionals for their growth. The Indian government is also supporting and taking actions for grooming the country with digital marketing assets and thus it is increasing the penetration of the internet in different sectors as per fact dragged out after research and survey around 688 million users are actively using the internet in India till 2020.

As per the global data given out by the Business Standard “India is anticipated to exhibit the CAGR of 5.8% and reach approx. $8.8 billion till 2025.” The growing demand for the Indian BPO services is expecting an annual growth rate of 50% and this sector is also anticipating to reach and grow the revenue up to 54%.

After going through these reasons, we hope you would have made up your mind to seek the desired growth by outsourcing to India. So, what are you waiting for? Here, Volans Informatics Pvt. Ltd. Which is one of the best BPO companies in India stands stiff on all the features and opportunities you are looking for within an outsourcing service provider as it is one of the top-notch outsourcing organisations in India with 500+ resources. For more inquiries and in-depth detail about the services offered here, you can always connect us through: https://volansinfo.com/services/.

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