Enquiry Handling Services

Enquiry Handling Services

Today, consumers have a wide range of brands to choose from. Before deciding on a product or service, every consumer refers to various sources for information like the brand website, social media channels and online forums. After having been convinced about a certain brand, they prefer to call a sales representative or toll-free helpline to enquire further about the product or service to reconfirm the benefits of the products or services mentioned on various marketing channels or collaterals are true and worth their investment. As such it is critical for organizations to have an effective enquiry handling team that can address such customer queries and convert such high intent enquirers into active customers.


Why do the industries require enquiry handling services?

No company can afford to ignore their enquiry handling function, as it would mean a loss of business to the competition. It is no secret that handling customer enquiries properly and providing the right answers to prospective customer queries is a critical part of the overall sales process. 


However, engaging your sales team to handle such calls would mean the loss of precious man-hours. Your sales teams are better suited to ensure sales closures rather than handling prospect queries. This is where the services of third-party enquiry handling services like VOLANS can help. 

Advantages offered by us

Our team of professionals act as an extension of your sales function and handles all kinds of customer queries, explains the benefits of your offerings and triggers the customer to move ahead in the sales funnel.


We understand the importance of effective enquiry handling for the success of a business. As a leading contact centre management solutions provider, we have helped organizations across industries use enquiry handling as an effective tool for sales enablement and drive higher sales. Our team of professionals have the skills and expertise to handle all kinds of queries and bring customers a step closer to buying our client’s varied products and services.


With a growing demand for third-party enquiry handling services from clients across the globe, VOLANS has invested in setting up a diverse team of professionals, enabling us to offer bi-lingual and multi-lingual enquiry handling support services to our clients. Our agents specialize in English, Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, German, French and Portuguese amongst others to serve customers across geographies in various countries across the globe.

Our Enquiry Handling Services

Telephone Enquiry Handling Services – It still remains the most popular and effective enquiry handling channel. We handle all kinds of customer enquiries on phone effectively to ensure an excellent experience for callers.


Chat Enquiry Handling Services – Enquiry on chat messengers have become quite popular in recent years. We offer both automated and human-enabled chat enquiry handling services


Email Enquiry Handling Services – The key to successful enquiry handling for email queries is good writing skills. We regularly train our agents on written language skills, primarily English to help them master the language and offer precise and accurate information to clients via email.


Mobile App Enquiry Handling Services – A lot of consumers in today’s age prefer to use brand mobile applications to enquire about a product or service. We have helped organizations with effective enquiry handling services on such mobile applications with our inbound team of specialists.


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