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Voicebot Development Services

VOLANS with its extensive experience in developing IVR systems for clients across industries possesses indisputable leadership in developing interactive voicebots for customers to manage their varied business needs. Our artificial intelligence powered voicebots have helped leading organizations improve their customer satisfaction scores significantly by deploying human voice enabled, digital assistants to manage critical support functions efficiently at reduced costs, driving measurable business impact.


Voicebots have become a must have for most organizations today to cater to the demands of their customers. It is a step ahead of chatbot, in terms of customer engagement. Voicebots use artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics and natural language processing to converse with customers over digital channels using human voice. They have the unique capability of understanding the needs of a customer during an interaction and respond intelligently to the queries posed. They achieve this by converting in-built text to speech scripts and codes developed to manage all kinds of interactions.


Voicebots are an advanced form of traditional IVR systems that are smart and intelligent. Voicebots were developed to address growing discontent amongst customers due to longer processing times of legacy IVR systems that required punching of numbers for every command. Voicebots require no such punching in and respond instantly with an automated human voice response mechanism that understands human voice and processes requests automatically. It can determine what the customer is looking for using complex AI and ML codes and deliver responses appropriately, instantly.


VOLANS with its extensive domain expertise in business process outsourcing and customer support services, help companies take advantage of this new technology tool with a detailed strategic framework, addressing all business requirements. We use our expertise to design, test, integrate and implement complex voicebot softwares for organizations across a wide range of industries.


We have the technical expertise to develop customized voicebots using industry leading platforms like Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant or develop customized voicebots for deployment in various operational functions such as customer support, sales query, lead generation, tech support, telemarketing amongst others.


VOLANS believes in partnering its customers for the long term and assists them from scoping to deployment, including regular support and maintenance to ensure business continuity. Our voicebots are an ideal tool for companies operating in ecommerce, retail, telecom, banking and financial services, hospitality, airlines, events and conferences, IT & ITES and several others to engage better with their customers and improve their overall business.


If you are looking for a smart, automated, human voice enabled voicebot to manage your various customer support queries, call us today to get a customized solution for your business.



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