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UI/UX Development

VOLANS helps organization develop interactive, intuitive, optimized & visually appealing website and mobile apps that lead to higher customer interactions and increased business outcomes with its innovative UI/UX development services. We understand that delightful customer experiences on a client website or mobile app can result in higher sales and as such develop unique application interfaces that differentiate our clients from competition. Our team of UI/UX designers work closely with our clients to understand their business objectives and develop interactive user interfaces from start to finish including blueprints, wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs amongst others to develop highly impactful websites and applications that drive visible impact.


UI/UX design plays a key role in the success of websites and web applications. An interactive interface can help attract visitors and make them spend more time on the website or mobile application. It can also help the brand engage with their visitors better. This can result in higher sales conversions or effective lead generation that can drive business growth. A good UI/UX design also helps tell a brand philosophy better.


UI/UX development involves a complex mix of information architecture, usability, wire framing, interactive design and visual appeal. It is a blend of the right technology and creativity. With a plethora of digital devices in use today, UI/UX development also needs to factor in personalization of user interfaces. The experience of a website visitors needs to be consistent irrespective of the device, they are accessing it on. With mobile devices outnumbering traditional desktop and laptop screens, organizations need to offer a personalized experience to each user.


VOLANS has worked with several leading brands in ecommerce, food delivery, shared cabs, retail several other new age start-ups in developing their UI/UX websites and mobile applications. We have also partnered with traditional businesses in banking & financial services, automotive, airlines, hotels and IT/ITES to develop intuitive applications that have resulted in increased customer acquisition and sales.


Our development team conducts a detailed analysis of the end-users, their needs, usage patterns and behaviors before designing the architecture of the client website or app. Based on this research and data, we develop customized solutions for each business. We possess extensive experience in leading UI/UX technology tools like Javascript, HTML 5, CSS, React Js, Adobe, PhoneGap, Xamarin, JQuery and Bootstrap amongst others.


Be it interactive websites, mobile or software applications, we have the UI/UX development expertise to address all your requirements. Call our experts today to help us address your requirements.




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