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Social Media Marketing Services

VOLANS helps leading brands utilize social media as an effective marketing tool to publish, listen, analyze and engage with their customers and other key stakeholders across various digital networks. With our integrated suite of social media marketing services, businesses can augment their sales and marketing efforts significantly and drive measurable business growth. We are a trusted partner of leading companies in ecommerce, telecom, retail, banking and financial services, insurance, telecom, government agencies, IT & ITES amongst others for their varied social media outreach efforts.


A quarter of the world’s population today use social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram. In addition to these popular networks, there are several other industry and interest specific social networks that have millions of users interacting with each other every single day. With such a wide audience, social media networks have become the go-to-place for businesses to reach out to their target audiences. In the past few years, social media marketing has eclipsed all other channels of marketing both in terms of efforts and budgets.


Experience has shown that effective use of social media can lead to a significant growth in sales. Almost every user uses social networks to research and read user recommendations before making a purchase decision. Such behavior is not just displayed by business to consumer (B2C) customers but also business to business (B2B) consumers. Realizing this, almost every business today works with specialized third party agencies to help them maximize the potential of this channel.


VOLANS with its extensive experience in content marketing, SEO, PPC is a trusted partner for companies to outsource their social media marketing needs. We have helped leading brands across industries improve their brand awareness, sales, profit margins, and customer loyalty amongst others using innovative social media strategies. Our services assure high return of investment (ROI) on every dollar of our client investment.


Our social media marketing strategy hinges on a strategic framework that begins by evaluating the right audience of our businesses and devising means to attract them towards the brand. We then use various tactics to engage with the audience, make them aware of the products and services, the benefits they provide over competition and bring them a step closer to convert as a customer. Post purchase, we work on developing customer loyalty amongst existing customers so that they become repeat customers of the brand and drive continuous revenue growth.


In addition to organic actions, we also provide paid social media marketing services to deliver assured return of investment on client spends. We have several B2C and B2B brands run highly effective paid marketing campaigns across various social media networks to create awareness, launch new products and generate high intent leads for their products and services.


The key to success for effective social media marketing is regular monitoring and insights. At VOLANS, we understand the criticality of this activity and as such have licensed leading technology tools to measure social media performance on behalf of our clients. These platforms help us listen and analyze customer activity, conversations and feedback across various networks which helps us devise the right strategy backed by valuable data.


A good social media marketing strategy can help brands significantly boost their marketing and sales efforts. If you are looking for an agency that can help you derive optimal returns on your marketing spends, call or write to us today.


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