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CRM Development Services

CRM Development Services

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VOLANS partners large global corporations, small and medium enterprises, new age start-ups, government institutions, unilateral & multilateral funding agencies amongst others for their custom CRM development requirements. Our end-to-end Customer Relationship Management development services help organizations improve their operational efficiencies through optimized information flow and greater control of their daily operations. We have the expertise to develop customized CRM applications grounds-up or install and customize leading industry CRM platforms like Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, SugarCRM, OrangeCRM, Siebel and Quickbooks to name a few.


With organizations increasing in size and expanding globally, customer relationship management (CRM) systems have become increasingly important to run daily business operations efficiently. These software applications help organizations compile, manage and analyze information on all their interactions with customers across multiple channels and provide them with insights to personalize customer experiences at each touch point.


Traditionally, CRM applications were used primarily by marketing and sales functions to manage customer relationships. However, with their efficacy in driving better management decisions, adoption of CRM applications have now been expanded to other functions such as finance, human resources, supply chain management, administration as well.


VOLANS adopts a strategic consulting approach to help organizations realize the benefits of various CRM applications. In addition to customizing leading CRM softwares for our clients, we also develop customized CRM software applications grounds-up based on the unique business needs of each individual client.


CRM Development Services


We begin every client project with a detailed examination of organization business need, goals and end objective for developing the CRM. We use these inputs to define the core architecture of the software, with its primary and secondary tasks well defined. Next, we put our team of experienced designers to examine whether available softwares existent in the market can be customized to solve these business needs or a new customized software application needs to be developed to serve the needs. Working together with the client on budgets and other considerations we propose the solution and begin work on the project. Post discussions, our team of developers begin work on customizing or developing the application and deliver it as per agreed SLAs. We also help organizations in migrating their legacy data from an existing CRM application to a new CRM application, ensuring business continuity.


Our CRM applications are ideal for customers to manage customer lifecycle journey customer, loyalty programs, track relationship, track customer history, raise invoice, and check payment history amongst others. We also provide features like custom report generation for users to constantly monitor various facets of their business.


All our CRM applications can be hosted on the cloud. This provides organizations the flexibility to provide access to their CRM on the web to various stakeholders. It also allows them the freedom to access the application from desktop, mobile or any other device of their choice, improving productivity and ease of use of CRM.


If you are looking for a technology partner to customize your existing CRM or develop new one at highly competitive costs, do drop us a line or call us today. Our experts will reach out to you to understand your specific business needs and suggest a suitable solution. In nutshell, Volans provides end-to-end CRM development services and customization of leading industry Customer Relationship Management Software platforms. We are providing CRM Assessment, CRM Consulting, Custom CRM Development, CRM Testing, CRM Implementation, legacy CRM migration, CRM Support, CRM maintenance and customization of CRM Software in India for our customers in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and UAE.



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