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Content Marketing Services

VOLANS helps brands generate awareness, engage customers and drive sales with its comprehensive suite of content marketing services. We partner brands as a strategic consultant to manage their varied content marketing needs that include content creation, graphics, design, roll-out, social media management and monitoring results amongst others. Our content marketing services are tailored to deliver tangible results for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to- consumer (B2C) companies across various industries.


The adage ‘Content is King’ has never been a secret. Ever since the dawn of modern industry, good content has been the core of organization brand and marketing strategies to attract new customers.  The advent of digital and growing popularity of social media and other channels on the internet has fuelled the need to adopt this age old powerful tool as an essential element of digital marketing strategy for any business. Content has an intrinsic ability to engage users and drive conversions. It is the basic building block of all marketing activities. An effective digital marketing strategy includes a combination advertising, press releases, brochures, case studies, whitepapers websites, social media, blogs, forums, internet content, infographics amongst several others. For each of these distinctive tool, good content forms the core as without it, there will no user interest in brand or its products and services. It is key to generate interest amidst target audiences and attract them to make a purchase.


Studies have proven that a good content marketing strategy can helps businesses achieve greater sales with high website traffic, enhanced brand presence, brand loyalty and willingness to pay a premium over competitors. Today, consumers have a wealth of information available to them at the click of a mouse. They believe in making extensive research before making any product purchase. It is important for brands to create content that is free and easily accessible to such prospects so that such high intent prospects can be converted into customers.


VOLANS uses its expertise in SEO, SEM and Social Media to help brands use content marketing as an effective method for generating high quality leads at much lower costs compared to traditional means of advertising. We specialize in creating and distributing relevant content across various digital channels to engage existing customers as well as acquire new ones.


Content marketing requires specialized expertise to deliver real value. For organizations, creating such a team in-house involves significant manpower costs. As such, most organizations prefer to outsource their content marketing requirements to a third party service provider like VOLANS.


We have a team of highly capable content and SEO strategists, graphic designers and website developers to deliver end-to-end content marketing solutions to our clients. This includes analyzing the business requirements; examining target audiences and needs; developing the right content strategy to reach out to the right target audiences, creating resourceful and SEO optimized content; publishing content across various online channels amongst others. We also continuously monitor the performance of content marketing efforts to identify and address any gaps to boost our efforts. With our content marketing services, clients can be assured of maximum top-of-funnel leads for their business.


If you are looking for a competent partner to outsource your content marketing needs, your search ends with VOLANS. We specialize in delivering high quality content for all kinds of businesses for varied marketing & sales efforts. Write or call us today to get an understanding of our comprehensive suite of content marketing services.


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