Product Information Services

Product Information Services

Product companies in the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) space offer a wide range of products targeted at various customer segments. As they scale their product portfolio to include new products, it leads to an increase in product information requests from both existing and new customers about each individual product. It is generally seen that the internal sales team tends to focus more on new product lines leading to a decrease in sales of older products. This, in turn, affects the overall product sales of a company, affecting its topline as well as the bottom line.

How outsourcing is beneficial for product information services?

Outsourcing product information services to a third-party services provider is an ideal solution for organizations to maintain a steady flow of sales orders for their legacy as well as new products. A third-party BPO company can help organizations pitch their entire line-up of products to prospects without any bias. Such service providers have a proven history of helping organizations achieve more sign-ups and product sales across categories. 


The advantage third-party service providers bring to the table is that they do not distinguish between the old and the new. They treat every product equally important for increased sales and work rigorously to achieve a higher number of sales closures for each product. For every single inbound call that lands on a client helpline number, VOLANS agents provide them with necessary product information and how it can solve the customer problems. They also offer the benefits their products enjoy over the competition.

Why are we best for you?

VOLANS helps organizations provide the right information about their products to target customers through various traditional and new-age digital channels. Our product information services can help organizations achieve significant growth in product sales and increase the return of investments (ROI) of their overall marketing and sales campaigns. 


Effective product information services can play an instrumental role in high business growth for:

Most e-commerce portals have thousands of products on their portal. It is just not possible for the internal sales teams to be trained on the specifications of each product and spend their time attending to product information requests from various prospects. The same is true for credit card companies, and insurance companies that keep on launching new product benefits every month. The sales teams of such organizations are better-utilized closing sales from leads generated by a specialized third-party product information services provider rather than doing it themselves, driving higher sales and profitability.


Providing the right product information on the very first call from prospective customers plays a very important role in technical product sales. Most B2B technical product companies, therefore, prefer to outsource their product helpline services to a specialized third-party BPO like VOLANS. Our partners in the technology space have gained immensely from our expertise in this domain.


For organizations that wish to offer the right information about their products, VOLANS offers an effective suite of services that can help brands drive awareness and sales of their products. Reach out to us today by filling in our query form. We will get back to you soon.

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