Public Sector


Public Sector

VOLANS is one of the leading outsourcing organizations catering to the public sector in the world. We have expertise in delivering customized solutions and services to some of the major public sector entities across geographies. 

Governments around the world often find it challenging to meet the demands of their budgets. While it’s difficult to grow tax revenue, it’s equally challenging to reduce expenses in the social sector. This makes it necessary for the public sector to rely on outsourcing to reduce costs and become efficient.

Since governments are continually expanding in some way or the other, it is imperative to outsource certain items to third parties and streamline the public sector without hampering access to services. VOLANS perfectly fits the bill when it comes to public sector outsourcing. As a third-party specialist, you can completely count on VOLANS to deliver particular business functions or processes. 

We understand that public service outsourcing is a complex process and must be approached from different perspectives. Our team of specialists brings in their expertise from their respective fields, thus ensuring improvements in productivity and technological innovations. These days, even small-scale public sector bodies are expected to act according to global parameters, and this is where VOLANS can contribute significantly. Besides promising excellent services, we are also committed to offering delicately balanced outsourcing partnerships with a blend of improved services and reduced costs. 

Though outsourcing is usually associated with private sector organizations, the public sector can also benefit immensely from it. This is because the public procurement market represents the largest outsourcing market globally. VOLANS promises threefold advantages- operational, strategic, and combined, as far as public sector outsourcing is concerned. We emphasize stringent quality control while keeping fixed costs lower and minimizing the risks of goods or services. By bringing us on-board, the government can maintain public ownership of essential assets while we manage these assets for the government. If you expect excellent service in a cost-effective manner, we are a one-stop solution. 

Why Us

Domain Expertise

We possess proven expertise in managing client processes in our chosen industry domains.

Flexible Service Offerings

We offer standard as well as customized process solutions as per client’s business need.

Omni-Channel Expertise

We improve customer satisfaction scores and enhance brand equity for our client businesses.

Intelligent Data Insights

We improve client processes with data driven operations management.

Measurable Business Impact

We re-engineer client processes for improved productivity and profitability.

Professional Teams

Our teams comprise seasoned customer service specialists, engineers, MBAs amongst others.