Media & Entertainment


Media & Entertainment

VOLANS is one of the rising and upcoming Business Process Management (BPM) service providers for companies in the media and entertainment industry. We support a number of advertising agencies, news channels, OTT platforms, cable companies, broadcasters, studios, game developers, publishers, film production houses, and other digital media firms with our cutting-edge solutions. 

At VOLANS, we understand that perhaps no other industry has transformed as much as the media and entertainment industry after the advent of digital technology. The industry players are also pushing the boundaries by creating innovative business models. Moreover, the customers are moving to digital platforms in increasing numbers.  

The competition has become intense, with several streaming and OTT platforms getting launched in recent years. Although the competition is fierce, we also acknowledge that it’s the golden age for the media and entertainment industry, as fresh avenues open up for growth. At the same time, the industry has to reorient the ways it worked earlier. In the digital age, it has to deal with complex contracts and address the concerns of all the stakeholders involved. Therefore, companies need to build on their strengths and organise their processes. 

VOLANS offers well-planned services that allow our clients to stay ahead in this highly competitive industry. We understand the nuances of the business and provide cost-effective solutions for operations, timely delivery of work and services. We help the industry players with the much-needed back-end support and adapt to the changes with agility. We use the latest software and tech-tools to derive insights that help improve decision-making and the return on investment (ROI). With our onshore, nearshore, and offshore delivery formats, our vast network of clients is able to achieve the right blend of efficient service and price.

Providing services to some of the largest players in the industry has given us a unique perspective into the changing landscape of the media and entertainment industry. We are in a position to translate this expertise into excellence for our clients.

Why Us

Domain Expertise

We possess proven expertise in managing client processes in our chosen industry domains.

Flexible Service Offerings

We offer standard as well as customized process solutions as per client’s business need.

Omni-Channel Expertise

We improve customer satisfaction scores and enhance brand equity for our client businesses.

Intelligent Data Insights

We improve client processes with data driven operations management.

Measurable Business Impact

We re-engineer client processes for improved productivity and profitability.

Professional Teams

Our teams comprise seasoned customer service specialists, engineers, MBAs amongst others.