VOLANS enables manufacturing companies to adopt innovative and creative strategies that help them achieve their goals using technology. We provide assistance in handling core operations, customer management, supply chain, procurement, sales, marketing, HR, and finance. Our team of in-house specialists are well-versed with industrial operations and has domain knowledge to drive your business with the help of digital tools and data analytics. Our specialists have the technical know-how that enables companies to go digital in an efficient manner. 

Our team understands that the manufacturing industry is no more a brick and mortar set-up, producing conventional products. In the last decade, the manufacturing industry has changed more than it changed over several decades in the past. Thanks to the advent of technology, the industry has now taken the digital route. It’s exploring innovative ways to market its products, manage operations, and improve profitability. 

While the industry was already going through a transformation even before the COVID-19 hit, the pandemic has compelled the companies to use digital tools to entirely change the way it worked and marketed its products. At VOLANS, we think that the transformation from physical to digital has paved the way for future growth in the manufacturing industry. 

This new adoption may lead to various challenges and obstacles that the organizations are not ready to deal with yet. It can increase the expenses and can have a direct impact on sales as well. This is where VOLANS steps in by helping its clients unlock growth by suggesting newer and innovative ways of managing the manufacturing business and our intelligent support system adds efficiency to your organization. We combine industry knowledge backed by analytics and expertise to create reports that help clients make informed choices. Our varied services include the integration of cutting-edge analytics to get the best level of customer engagement.

Our analytics offerings include market mix strategies, loyalty management, brand reputation management, and competition research, among others. VOLANS is among the top few Business Process Management Services providers (BPM) offering holistic services across various levels such as competition research, survey reports, data processing, and analytics to achieve operational excellence. Our team provides detailed industry analysis, trends reports, and updates about compliances and regulations to help our clients draft their strategies.

Why Us

Domain Expertise

We possess proven expertise in managing client processes in our chosen industry domains.

Flexible Service Offerings

We offer standard as well as customized process solutions as per client’s business need.

Omni-Channel Expertise

We improve customer satisfaction scores and enhance brand equity for our client businesses.

Intelligent Data Insights

We improve client processes with data driven operations management.

Measurable Business Impact

We re-engineer client processes for improved productivity and profitability.

Professional Teams

Our teams comprise seasoned customer service specialists, engineers, MBAs amongst others.